2. the60sbazaar:

    Surfers heading to the beach (1960s)

  5. mikemelrinho:

    follow my facebook page —> psychedelic mind


  6. youdontneedawitness:

    uneasy in the breeze
    an excuse to pull away
    flaunting the illusion that im resting my head ;
    to find the “line” between it all
    with whiskey stains on the carpet
    and a pain, in the back of my throat ;
    chalked stained fingers
    with soulless strolls to the moon and back
    before youd ever realize i was gone ;
    a dying truth , gasping
    clenched onto your finger tips
    as im begging you, ‘please dont let it go’.


  7. Tchami
    HARD Summer 2014


  8. evolutional:

    why sleep when you can stay up late every night being sad then feel like shit the next day 

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    MSNBC Lockup Raw

    Suck him up through the gate so he know it’s real

    Real fuckin love

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  11. thronesturnedtorust:

    Suburban Scum

    Internal War /200 
    Hanging By A Thread /200

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  12. paavosiljamaki:

    Absolutely in love with #burningman. It’s on fire.

  14. citizenkwam:

    Truth bomb.

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